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Get on the pour-over train!

Each morning in our kitchen for years before we bought a coffeeshop, Brad was on a pour-over journey. He’s never stopped. His goal: to make the smoothest, most perfect cuppa Joe.

What’s pour-over? Simply put, it’s a next-level brewing method that will give you the ultimate in smooth coffee.

It requires a dripper and filters, and we now sell both!

The V60 Coffee Dripper is made by Hario, and the name stems from the shape of the device. It is “V” shaped with angles of 60 degrees. The internal sides also have interior ridges which help with air flow during the brewing method.

It's masterfully designed to achieve optimum extraction and easy use (it looks pretty cool, too). You simply pop it on a mug, place your filter and ground coffee in the cone, and pour away.

Brew well, and your V60 will treat you to clean-tasting, perfectly light coffee brimming with gorgeous flavor.

Stay tuned — in coming weeks, Brad plans to offer pour-over classes at Root! Follow us on social media for registration details.

In the meantime, catch him behind our counter on weekday mornings for tips about how YOU can make the best cuppa Joe.

Pick up your pour-over supplies, including our new bags of coffee beans (yep, we'll grind them for you, too!), in our new retail area at Root.

Open 7 days a week in Downtown Pittsburg.

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