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Get crafty!

Express yourself with our new craft kits designed to inspire, including needlework kits and paint-by-number sets by women-owned businesses.

I grew up as a crafter. I was taught by, inspired, and encouraged by my mother and grandmother. They were school teachers, as was my dad, and on a limited budget, but somehow they found room to provide me with art supplies and kits.

In creating, I found peace, satisfaction, and oftentimes human connection when I was able to create alongside others in a shared space.

This section of our store is dedicated to helping foster that in others, and our plan is to grow it to include kits for all ages and interests and a variety of price points.

Come to Root, pick out something that sparks your interest, enjoy a beverage, and stay for awhile to create and leave the world behind.

Gingerber Embroidery

We proudly carry kits from Gingerber, a company owned by artist Stacie Bloomfield based in Springdale, Arkansas. Her goal is to encourage and inspire makers to live their most full, creative life. The company donates to Women for Women, Black Girls Code, The Malala Fund, and Women's Earth and Climate Action Network.

Jessica Long Embroidery

Our Jessica Long kits come from a woman-owned business, too. Stitching entered her life after the birth of her son as she sought a way to slow down, connect with her hands, and reduce anxiety. She found the flow, meditative and tactile experience of using needle and thread to create beauty to be satisfying. All patterns and kits are designed by her, and assembled by her at her home.

Seeds The Day

Some of the kits we sell, like our Seeds the Day paint by numbers, are from a woman-owned brand that started by selling specialized seed packets. They are packaged in beautiful cardboard tubes and include a 16x20 art canvas pre-labeled with numbers, 3 paint brushes, a wall hanging kit, pre-measured paint in sealed bags to help prevent drying, and instructions and painting hints.

Is there a type of craft you'd like to see on our shelves? Let me know!

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