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About us

Our own roots run deep here.


We grew up here.


Earned degrees from Pittsburg State University, got married in historic Hotel Stilwell a few blocks to the north, and raised two sons, Jack and Dominic (he's one of our senior baristas!)


As our families did, we've always felt a calling to serve our community, and are happy to be able to do so through Root.

With the help of our Root Crew, we strive to build memorable connections through quality products and services, community events, a welcoming atmosphere, and a comfortable space that feels like home.

We love collaborating with other local entrepreneurs, agencies, and organizations to lift each other up, and with artists and musicians who give our community heart and soul.

Pittsburg business owners who came before us have given us inspiration, and our many friends and acquaintances have provided advice and encouragement, and for that we are grateful.

We're humbled that you choose to spend some of your time at Root, and if we can do anything to make that time better, please let us know.

— Brad and Andra Stefanoni

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