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New retail section

We've carefully curated a new section of retail items for those who are crafty, who love coffee and tea, who are seeking unique gifts, and who appreciate the coffeeshop vibe.

These products include those that are grown organically and sustainably and products that are created by women-owned businesses.

  • Artistic puzzles and craft kits including embroidery and paint by numbers.

  • Premium Rishi looseleaf teas and tea filters so you can enjoy tea wherever you are!

  • Coffee pour-over supplies that Brad swears by.

  • JavaSoks to insulate your cold drinks and keep condensation from forming. No one likes desk puddles.

  • Coffeeshop-inspired signs like the one on our counter. It's a good day to have a good day!

  • Protein shake mixes to make at home or on the road when you just can’t get to Root.

  • What would YOU like to see us carry? Let us know — drop us a line!

Open 7 days a week in Downtown Pittsburg.

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