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"Our Saturday spot"

This is our Loveland Family Christmas picture 2021 in our favorite Saturday morning spot, taken by one of my students, Kate.

I first started going to root my first year as a counselor at Pittsburg High School. My husband West and I had just moved to Pittsburg from Northwest Arkansas and I was looking for my new favorite chai place. I had fallen in love with West while he made me chai teas during grad school, and coffee shops have always been our thing.

Once I fell in love with Root, West jumped on board too, and before long it was our son Shep’s favorite stop for chocolate milk and cake balls. It’s our family's special place to spend Saturday mornings together after we eat breakfast at TOAST.

I often meet former students at Root to catch up and hear about their lives, and West has his business meetings there. It’s kind of our home away from home. We love the people that make Root "Root" and it’s just our favorite place to share space with the humans who are important to us.

— Stef Loveland

What's your Root story? We want to hear it!

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