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"One last time together"

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Moazma of Pakistan, Pamela of Mexico, and Aiman of Pakistan found a feeling of "home" at Root.

"We are enjoying Root one last time together today before I leave to go home to Pakistan tomorrow. My name is Aiman, and I've been an exchange student at Pittsburg State University in electronics engineering.

Moazma is a medical doctor who came here from Pakistan as an exchange student in psychology, and Pamela is a dentist from Mexico who is in the Intensive English Program at Pittsburg State. Her husband is an engineer here.

We have come here many times and always loved it. We love the coffee — it is Pamela's favorite — and we love the environment. It is a great place to study for tests because it feels comfortable, and you can have your caffeine. There are coffee shops in Pakistan, but not ones that you can study in. This is a special place, it is like being in a home instead of a business, and we will always remember it!"

— Aiman

What's your Root story? We want to hear it!

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