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"A natural fit"

“I began experimenting with soap making about 10 years ago, and have been selling it at Root ever since Root opened. I even make a Root soap with coffee beans!

I wanted a good, natural product that was gentle. I have an autoimmune disease, and I really like to know what’s going on my skin.

I’m into homesteading — gardening, raising chickens — and doing this was a natural fit. My husband Carl and I are also vendors at Pittsburg Farmer’s Market.

Just like the cooking we do, making skin care products with freshness, purity, and quality ingredients makes all the difference. The best part of it is hearing people say they love my soap. It means so much more than the money.

I’m glad to be a vendor here, and a customer. It’s like a refuge where we can have good coffee and feel part of things.”

— Kathy Flora

What's your Root story? We want to hear it!

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