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Our Story

When we married in Pittsburg's historic Hotel Stilwell a few blocks to the north, we decided to stay in this community so that our children could grow up near family. Our roots run deep here.

It was a good decision.

In the years since, we’ve seen the “youngers” in this community build on what the “olders” started when we were kids — including a revitalized downtown.

We both have worked in education, including at Pittsburg State University where Andra still works in marketing and communication, and Brad has a background in business and purchasing. We both have been writers for an eclectic mix of local, regional, and national publications, and we both are active in the performing arts, the outdoors, and as community volunteers. 

Our older son is the only human to have worked as a barista at both locally-owned coffee shops in Downtown Pittsburg: Root and Signet. Our younger son has worked as a local bike mechanic and has wondered if it’s too outlandish to set up a bike mechanic’s stand at the back of a coffeehouse.

On Dec. 1, our family humbly took the reins from Root’s original owners, sisters Lindsey and Taylor Brumbaugh, who built it into what it is today: a cherished community gathering place.

Brad runs Root day-to-day and greet you from behind the counter on the early shift, and Andra focuses on marketing and event coordination.

We’re excited and nervous and all the other things you might expect when jumping head first into a new venture.

We’re thankful to all of the Pittsburg entrepreneurs who came before us for serving as inspiration, and to those who have given us advice and encouragement.

And, we’re grateful that Root’s founders think of us as the right family to continue what they started.

Most of all, we want you to feel like you belong here, and we welcome your suggestions.


— Andra and Brad Stefanoni

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