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"Our story"

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Hey, Root friends!

Dec. 1, 2021 marks a new chapter for Root: our family is humbly taking the reins of Root — a cherished community gathering place.

Our own roots run deep here. We grew up here. Went to school here. Both earned degrees from Pittsburg State University. Got married in historic Hotel Stilwell a few blocks to the north. Decided to stay here to raise our children.

It was a good decision.

We were able to find careers in which we felt we were contributing to the growth of the community, get involved as volunteers, and see Pittsburg arrive at where it's at today.

Now, it's time to serve in a new way: as owners of a coffeehouse and gathering place in the heart of what's become a vibrant downtown!

Brad will run the day-to-day aspects of Root and greet you from behind the counter on the day shift. Andra will keep her job in marketing and communication at Pittsburg State, and her side hustle will be Root marketing and event coordination.

Older son Dominic — who has worked as a barista at both locally-owned coffee shops, Root and Signet — will be behind the counter. Younger son Jack, a musician, is planning to pull together a jazz combo to perform at coffeehouse concerts.

We’re excited and nervous and all the other things you might expect when jumping head first into a new venture.

We’re thankful to the Pittsburg entrepreneurs who came before us for the inspiration, and to our many friends and acquaintances for advice and encouragement.

We’re grateful that Root’s founders think of us as the right family to continue what they started.

Most of all, we want you to feel like you belong here. See you at Root!

— Andra and Brad Stefanoni

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